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About Us

Bovine Health Australia is the livestock division of Wildlife Animal Capture.

While Wildlife Animal Capture traditionally has focused on the Ranger/Zoo/Shire Council/Researcher market providing products and experience-based consulting for capturing and studying wild, feral and domestic animals, Bovine Health Australia is the division of the business focused solely on the Cattle Industry to promote and provide Remote Injection equipment to Beef Producers throughout Australasia.

Tony Searle, the founder of Wildlife Animal Capture has a strong interest in livestock and holds a Queensland Diploma in Animal Husbandry (QDAH), he believes the concept of remote injection to medicate stock in the paddock is an advanced tool avaliable to cattlemen, especially with the advent of PNEU-DART's Gelatin Collar dart needles and the X-Caliber Dart Projector. 

We have been selling Remote Drug Delivery Systems for 26 years (and have been using them ourselves on Wild Animals and Wild and Domestic Cattle for a lot longer than that! Prior to founding Wildlife Animal Capture Tony Searle the owner, spent 18 years as a Research Ranger in the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Services) and we are able to bring this hands on experience combined with our superior Remote Drug Delivery Systems to help you manage your cattle in an efficient and cost effective manner – via Remote Injection.

We are the official Australasian Dealer for Pneu-Dart Remote Drug Delivery Systems.
This website has been created solely to service the Cattle Industry and promote the concept of Remote Injection, if you are interested in any of our other products (Net Guns, Traps, Trapping Lure, Animal Handling Equipment etc) please visit our main website:

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