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Disposable Darts

Pneu-Dart Darts are disposable darts that come in a broad array of sizes, are easy to fill and are colour coded to speed identification, whether you want to medicate or capture an animal – these darts are the best you will find.
There are many different kinds of darts, the two most common are Type P Darts and Type C Darts. Type P Darts are for use in Gas and Air Operated Projectors and Type C Darts are for use in Cartridge Fired Projectors.
How they work
Type P and C darts each contain a small explosive charge which detonates on impact and quickly injects the drug. Without a retention device (gel collar/wire barb) the 1cc dart will typically bounce off and away from the animal upon impact. However due to the small quantity of fluid and the rate of injection, the injection will be complete. As an added feature the dart will ‘flash’ upon impact providing visual confirmation. All Pneu-Darts are front loading darts.
All darts currently produced will require a 19 gauge hypodermic fill needle.

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Poly Dart
The Poly Dart has a fortified plastic dart body by transitioning over to clear polycarbonate resin. Equipped with a colour coded polypropylene Type C or Type P tail, the new PolyCarb Dart is ballistically equal and structurally superior (Poly Dart only available in 0.5cc to 1.5cc Darts). This enables you to see the drug inside the dart.

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Gel Collars
The Gel Collar is a more humane version of a wire barb on the cannula of the dart. The Gel Collar holds the dart in the animal to ensure all the dosage of the dart is injected. The body heat of the target animal will dissolve the gel collar after about 15 – 45 minutes, after which the dart will fall out.
Gel Collar is an absolute must have if you are using darts to medicate animals – NEVER use a dart with Wire Barb unless you are intending to tranquilize the animal.
Gel Collars are an Industry First and Pneu-Dart Remote Drug Delivery Systems are the only ones in the world to offer this feature.

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Triport Injection
Triport Injection is mainly used for dispensing thicker drugs, the three holes in the cannula of the dart ensure a faster discharge and ensures that the animal gets the full dosage. It also injects the drug over a wider muscle area so the drug will be absorbed faster.
Triport Cannula provides both lateral and end point distribution. Ensure the best distribution of drug, medicines and the alike while at the same time minimizing the ability for the dart to propel itself away from the animal.
Cannula Lengths
Darts are available with 14-gauge cannula in lengths of 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4", 1”, 1/4", 1 ½” and 2”. Darts 1.5cc through 10cc traditionally are equipped with a gelatin collar but can be ordered with a wire barb 3/8” cannula are available in plain only. 1/2" cannula are available in gelatin collars only. We do not recommend wire barbs or gelatin collars on 0.5cc or 1cc darts; however, they are available at an additional cost.
Gelatin Collars comprise of an inert material retaining the dart in place until the injection is made, after several minutes it will liquefy, allowing the dart to fall freely from the animal.
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 - Front Loading Darts – Easy, Fast, Efficient

 - Gel Collar Retention Device – Industry first!

 - Clear Dart Body – You can see the contents of the dart

 - Triport Injection – Better coverage and absorption of drug

 - Flight Stabilizers – Straight flight, use in any brand of dart gun

 - Disposable Darts – Effective and Economical

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